password:   SOCIAL SECURITY CARD APPLICATION FROM HOME:  Now you can securely apply for a new, replacement, or corrected Social Security Card without leaving the comfort of your own home. B&G Application Assistance Service will help you do it all in one site, and quickly. Just fill out our 5 minute questionnaire, and it is all set in motion. We send you an Easy Packet. Just open it, sign the pre-filled form, include the specified identity documents, and mail it all in our prepared, prepaid certified mail packet.

The SSA allows you to REPLACE, UPDATE, CHANGE OR REQUEST NEW social security cards FREE. However, just determining application-by-mail eligibility can be a maze, the entire application process differs from person to person, and sending a home application via certified mail is difficult without a trip to the post office.

researching, risking mistakes, or making unnecessary trips. Take about 5 minutes and we'll give you an Easy Packet awaiting only your signature and I.D. documents. Secure, certified mail application from home. Just $34.00